About Me

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Hello! I am Alexandra Heuer and this is my blog. A little bit about me is that I grew up in the lively city of New Orleans my whole life. I went to an all girls high school called Louise S. Mcgehee where they taught me everything I know about reading, writing and being an open minded independent thinker. I am currently studying at LSU in the Mass Communications program with a focus in Public Relations. To give you a reference of what I look like I have attached a picture.



Brand Evaluation

The brand I am evaluating is Kellogg’s. This brand sells an assortment of cereals, children’s snacks, and breakfast pastries. On Kellogg’s Twitter they send out a tweet daily and show off their current campaign with the USA gymnastic’s team. Kellogg’s has created the hashtag #getsmestarted to go with this new campaign. This is a good strategy for Twitter because when you create a hashtag you link all of the tweets with that hashtag together. A hashtag can also go viral and is extremely sharable. This particular hashtag goes well with both their partnership with the USA gymnastic and their breakfast items. Kellogg’s Facebook page shows many links and photos making their posts much more sharable. Kellogg’s Facebook page is a unorganized, does not show their partnership as prominently as they do on Twitter and do not post often enough. I would suggest that they organize their page, showcase their partnership and post weekly (at the least). The Kellogg’s website is designed messily and showcases coupons. Showcasing coupons on the Kellogg’s website is very smart because that is the primary reason people will be visiting their site.